Baby prince to play with NZ kids

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He lives in a palace and is third in line to the throne, but Prince George will spend the afternoon crawling on the floor and playing with Kiwi kids his own age.


While the babies play, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will share their parenting tales with New Zealand families in a very special Plunket parent support group at Government House on Wednesday.

Like Kate and William, the 10 families chosen from the Wellington region are all first-time parents.

Their kids were born within a week or two of Prince George, who was born on July 22 last year, Plunket spokeswoman Helen Clifton told AAP.

“We’re hoping it will be an opportunity for the royal couple to meet with other parents who are experiencing similar things to them in a lovely relaxed atmosphere.”

Baby George has a Spanish nanny, Maria Borrallo, who trained at London’s prestigious Norland College, which has produced child minders for the rich and famous since 1892.

But Ms Clifton thought Kate and Will would share some common experiences with the Kiwi families.

Most of the eight-month-old kids are now crawling, and Plunket will provide age-appropriate toys for them to play with – although there’ll be no buzzy bees provided, Ms Clifton said.

And Prince George will join 90 per cent of New Zealanders in becoming a Plunket baby.

He’ll receive a Plunket book and a soft and squishy blue Plunket bear which will be basically the same size as him, Ms Clifton said.

Three Plunket staff will also attend the informal event.

“They’re very excited, very humbled and delighted, as are the 10 families,” Ms Clifton said.

Plunket was founded in 1907 and was granted permission by King George V in 1915 to call itself the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.

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