Joss Stone plans massive world tour

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Grammy-winning singer Joss Stone is aiming to play concerts in almost every country on Earth as part of an enormous world tour.


Stone launched her Total World Tour in Morocco last weekand has since played shows in Mauritius and South Africa.

The British soul star has peppered her schedule with dates in countries many musicians fail to visit – such as Swaziland, United Arab Emirates, and Tunisia – as well as more traditional venues including Australia and the US.

Stone will arrive in Australia later this month to play at Bluesfest in Byron Bay, which kicks off on April 17. She will also play a series of sideshows across the country.

The first leg of the ambitious world trek stretches into September, but Stone is aiming to extend it over a period of years in a bid to “spread goodness and promote unity throughout all countries on earth”.

In a statement posted on her website, Stone writes, “A world tour should mean a world tour, no one country is more important than another. Yet historically touring is kept to the countries that can be the most profitable for the artist.

“While the parts of the world that suffer from deprivation, turmoil, famine, inequality and war are offered little succour, if any at all, yet another injustice upon our beleaguered brothers and sisters.

“I believe we should strive to break down the barriers that separate and prevent the human family from being united… I have been given music as my vehicle through life to communicate and spread good feeling… I want to use that vehicle to its fullest potential by sharing what I have to give with every corner of our globe, singling out no one culture or country.”

Stone also plans to team up with a local musicians in each city she visits and hopes to promote several charities during the tour.

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