Twitterverse blasts MKR’s Chloe and Kelly

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The knives are out now it’s finals time on My Kitchen Rules, and its most controversial team Chloe and Kelly are on the hot plate.


The friends from Western Australia are gearing up to face off against arch rivals, Victorian twins Helena and Vikki, in the second of the instant restaurant rounds on Wednesday night.

And MKR viewers weren’t shy about which team they wanted to see come out on top, taking to Twitter to serve up some serious criticism of the WA pair.

“ooooohhhh i can’t wait for mkr episode can’t wait to see chloe and kelly fail YES,” tweeted Ammmmy.

Known for looking down their noses at fellow contestants, Chloe and Kelly claim to be the best in the competition thanks to their well-travelled palates that have experienced cuisines in 42 countries.

“Someone tell Chloe and Kelly that being in the top 5 just means you’re in the top 5, not that you’re an expert chef. #mkr,” tweeted Gabriel Henderson.

While Ashhh wrote: “Chloe and Kelly should not be in the competition, children get taught not to bully others yet 2 grown girls are allowed ON TV. Ugh #MKR.”

The cattiness between the two all-female teams is nothing new, with Helena saying Chloe and Kelly were “full of crap” earlier in the series.

The Perth girls played up the rivalry on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program on Wednesday.

“We don’t have a whole load in common with them sometimes, you know where in different places in our lives,” Chloe said.

“We like intelligent women who stand on their two feet based on their brains.”

Kelly added: “They didn’t know how the moreton bay bugs get inside ravioli. How does anything get inside ravioli?”

But the Twittersphere wasn’t impressed.

“This faux `rivalry’ nonsense by Chloe and Kelly on @sunriseon7 is lame. Do they think we’re stupid? I bet they’re all BFFLS. #MKR,” wrote Shelley James.

There are only five teams left on MKR, after Cathy and Anna were sent home in Monday night’s instant elimination round.

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